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Four Keys to Implementing Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing

Posted on by Vanessa McMillan

Optical fiber can be installed in environments where alternative sensors cannot operate. Ryan Scurlock This article appears in Aerospace Manufacturing & Design Magazine For many industrial and commercial processes, temperature monitoring ensures operational safety and efficacy. Conventional electric temperature sensors … Read More

Sensuron enables real-time structural health monitoring onboard NASA’s X-56 UAV

Posted on by Vanessa McMillan

This article appears in Aerospace & Defense Technology Magazine. In contrast to the stiff, rigid wings found on most commercial aircraft, flexible wing technology is considered essential to next generation, fuel efficient aircraft. However, flexible wings are susceptible to “flutter,” … Read More

Sensuron Expands Product Offering – Now Official US Distributor of Technobis Fiber Optic Interrogator Systems

Posted on by Vanessa McMillan

Partnership with Technobis offers fast and affordable, miniature measurement solutions based on integrated photonics for high performance market segments such as aerospace, medical, energy, mobility, high-tech systems, and automotive testing industries. March 25, 2019 – Austin, TX – Sensuron, a … Read More

The Continued Symbiosis of Computer Modeling and Physical Testing

Posted on by Lucas Peace

  12/07/2016, Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron   This article originally appeared in Machine Design. “Do you know what the secret of life is?” Curly asks from atop his horse, cigarette bouncing in his mouth with each syllable. “This.” He holds … Read More

Distributed Measurements Unlock the Future of Design

Posted on by Lucas Peace

10/18/2016, Alex Tongue, Applications Engineer, Sensuron This article originally appeared on EDN.  The next generations of materials and design will require sensing technologies that can monitor beyond the scope of point sensors such as thermocouples and strain gauges. New sensing … Read More