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Sensuron’s distributed strain and temperature sensing technology uses light across thousands of sensors to test and measure both the integrity of materials and improve the safety and performance of systems across industries. By utilizing Sensuron systems, engineers can collect and analyze material and structural data in demanding environments. This helps to solve problems on a global scale and encourages the sustainable development, operation, and maintenance of equipment.

The Options Are Endless

  • Aircrafts


    Monitor structural changes to aircrafts in real-time while in-flight

  • Aerospace launch vehicles

    Aerospace launch vehicles

    Test temperature, strain, load, 2D deflection, and cryogenic liquid levels

  • Satellites


    Monitor the structural health of satellites

  • UAV testing

    UAV testing

    Monitor the lifecycle and stability of UAV components and equipment

  • End-of-life testing

    End-of-life testing

    Determine whether an aircraft is reaching end-of-life

  • Future innovations

    Future innovations

    Influence future structural designs

  • Fuel consumption

    Fuel consumption

    Optimize structures to use fewer resources

  • Medical procedures

    Medical procedures

    Improve minimally invasive procedures

  • Medical devices

    Medical devices

    Monitor movement and placement of catheters, endoscopes and other surgical tools

  • Structural health monitoring

    Structural health monitoring

    Monitor the position and structural health of components, risers and rigs

  • Safer Nuclear Power

    Safer Nuclear Power

    Sense nuclear power plant component structural health and alignment

  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energy

    Wind turbine blade feedback control, load monitoring, and structural health monitoring

  • Automotive


    Automobile frame analysis for improved safety and control handling