Sensuron Expands Product Offering – Now Official US Distributor of Technobis Fiber Optic Interrogator Systems

Partnership with Technobis offers fast and affordable, miniature measurement solutions based on integrated photonics for high performance market segments such as aerospace, medical, energy, mobility, high-tech systems, and automotive testing industries.

March 25, 2019 – Austin, TX – Sensuron, a global provider of distributed strain and temperature measurement solutions for the aerospace, automotive, medical and energy sectors, today announced its partnership with Technobis, a worldwide supplier of high-tech instruments and modules. As part of the agreement, Sensuron will become North American distributor of Technobis’ WDM technology, including the Gator, a state-of-the-art Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) measurement system.

“Technobis’ Gator products are a great complement to Sensuron’s fiber-optic sensing technology”, said Pierrick Vulliez, President and Managing Partner at Sensuron. “They are a best-in-class WDM instrument supplier that offers a light-weight and affordable solution with extremely high acquisition rates. In addition, their WDM systems are cost effective and a great way for engineers to start working with fiber optic sensing technology.”

WDM products are best used for dynamic applications such as strain, temperature, vibration, shape impact, and damage sensing in aerospace, medical, energy and automotive sectors. The Gator line of WDM products are immediately available in North America, directly through Sensuron.

“As we continue to expand our world-wide presence, it makes sense to partner with the leading global provider of complementary fiber optic sensing systems”, said Rolf Evenblij, Program Manager at Technobis Fibre Technologies. “With Sensuron, we can extend sensing capabilities to continue to provide the mobility, medical, and energy sectors with tailored solutions for fiber optic testing, measurement, and control – resulting in better performing and safer products.”

About Sensuron
Sensuron is a leading global provider of fiber optic sensing systems that use light to test, measure and control applications across the aerospace, medical, automotive, and energy industries. Sensuron, in conjunction with NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, developed the gold standard for measuring distributed strain and temperature data. The company’s flagship product, RTS 125+, replaces obsolete and bulky strain and temperature measurement technologies.

Sensuron’s mission is to solve problems on a global scale by utilizing light-based technologies that ensure equipment is functional, reliable and safe. The company strives not only to provide the most sophisticated sensing platforms on the market, but also to serve today’s engineers by providing the information they require to advance their innovations.

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