RTS125+ DFOS System: Rugged & Precise

The RTS125+ DFOS system revolutionizes strain & temperature monitoring

Sensuron’s structural health monitoring system transforms how we sense and safeguard the structures that shape our world.

Civil engineers leverage its unparalleled insights to extend asset lifespans, aerospace innovators optimize designs with actionable data, and energy producers secure a sustainable future with vigilant monitoring.

The RTS125+ goes beyond surface-level data. Experience high-resolution measurements across civil, aerospace, and energy sectors with Sensuron’s revolutionary technology.

RTS125+ DFOS System - Rugged and Precise: By Sensuron
Experience the power of 8 simultaneously monitored fibers and 2,000+ sensors per fiber with the RTS125+ , the ultimate tool for comprehensive structural health monitoring.

High-Resolution Sensing Solution

Sensuron’s distributed fiber optic sensing system delivers real-time measurements, enabling engineers to anticipate maintenance needs and prevent minor issues from snowballing into costly failures. As the world evolves, so too must our sensing solutions.

Our distributed structural health monitoring system offers a platform that integrates seamlessly with existing systems and welcomes new technologies. Whether navigating stricter structural health regulations or exploring the characteristics of advanced materials, Sensuron’s distributed fiber optic sensing system provides the detailed data you need to execute your applications with confidence.

Civil Engineering: Build with Confidence, Safeguard Infrastructure

Move from reactive repairs to proactive insights with the RTS125+ Structural Health Monitoring System. Maximize safety, extend asset lifespan, and prevent costly failures with data-driven infrastructure management.

  • Prevent catastrophic failures: Monitor bridges, dams, and buildings for cracks, deformations, and fatigue with unwavering accuracy.
  • Extend asset lifespan: Proactive maintenance guided by real-time intelligence keeps critical infrastructure reliable and safe for generations.
  • Case Study: Read about “FIU Bridge Collapse: Preventing Tragedy with Real-Time Monitoring,” or Download the “Deflection Sensing For Structural Health Monitoring Case Study
Fiber Optic Sensors Used In Civil Engineering Applications.
Fiber Optic Sensing in Structural Health Monitoring

Aerospace Engineering: Unparalleled Resolution

 The RTS125+ reduces testing times, optimizes performance, and prevents failures with advanced sensing for aerospace components.

Fiber Optic Sensors used in Aerospace Applications
Fiber Optic Sensing in Aerospace Applications

Energy Industry: Secure Production Assets with Vigilant Monitoring

The RTS125+ detects leaks and corrosion to minimize environmental impact.

Fiber Optic Sensors used in Energy Applications
Optical Fiber Sensors in the Energy Industry

Precision Engineered: RTS125+ Features

The RTS125+ DFOS unlocks a new level of accuracy and detail, empowering you to see deeper and understand more about your critical infrastructure. Its advanced sensing features empower your applications by generating real-time, high-resolution distributed strain and temperature profiles.

  • Ruggedized for harsh environments: The RTS125+ is designed to endure motion and vibration conditions often encountered in field use.
  • Eight simultaneously monitored fibers with over 2,000 equally spaced sensors per fiber: Extensive and detailed monitoring coverage.
  • Software-selectable spatial resolution as low as 1.6 mm (with custom order option; highest stock resolution is 6.3 mm): Tailor your monitoring needs with customizable sensor spacing, ranging from intricate details to wider coverage for larger structures.
  • Real-time, high-resolution distributed strain and temperature measurements: Capture even the subtlest changes with unmatched accuracy, empowering you to identify potential issues before they become critical.
  • Up to 100 Hz acquisition rate: Experience live data visualization with rapid updates, enabling real-time monitoring.
  • Structural deflection and thermal mapping capability: Go beyond discrete point measurements and analyze the full picture of your structure’s behavior.
  • Immune to EMI/RFI and radiation: Eliminate interference from external sources and ensure reliable data integrity.
  • User-friendly interface: Get up and running quickly with straightforward setup and intuitive software, making advanced sensing more accessible.
  • Modular and scalable architecture: Adapt the RTS125+ to your specific needs, easily adding additional interrogators as your requirements evolve.

Proactive monitoring safeguards lives and assets. Optimize operations, maximize efficiency, and minimize downtime.

  • Enhanced Safety: Protect lives, assets, and the environment with proactive monitoring.
  • Optimized Operations: Increase efficiency and reduce downtime with real-time data insights.
  • Cost Savings: Proactive monitoring minimizes repair costs and extends asset lifespan, saving money and resources.

Tailored Solutions, Unmatched Support

The RTS125+ adapts to your unique needs and challenges. Choose from a range of configurable hardware and sensor options to create the best solution for your application. Our expert team provides unwavering support, ensuring you maximize the system’s potential every step of the way.

 Contact us today and discover how the RTS125+ can revolutionize your sensing and measurement capabilities.

For deeper technical insights into DFOS and its applications,

Looking for faster processing speed in your Fiber Optic Sensing needs?

The Sensuron RTS250+ Fiber Optic Sensing Interrogator offers substantially higher sampling rates for more challenging applications.

While the RTS125+ excels in delivering reliable data and insights at 100 Hz on 8 channels, the RTS250+ takes it further with its dual-mode capability. Experience up to 200 Hz acquisition rate on up to 4 channels, ideal for applications demanding real-time measurements.

RTS125+ Frequently Asked Questions

The RTS125+ distributed fiber optic sensing system is a cutting-edge system that utilizes optical sensing fibers to measure strain, temperature, and other critical parameters with unparalleled accuracy and real-time data insights. This allows for proactive monitoring of infrastructure, aerospace components, and energy pipelines, enabling preventative maintenance, optimized performance, and enhanced safety.

  • High precision: The RTS125+ offers unmatched accuracy in data acquisition, allowing for early detection of even the subtlest changes in strain, temperature, and other variables.
  • Extensive coverage: A single fiber optic cable can provide over 2000 distributed sensors, reducing installation costs and complexity.
  • Real-time insights: Data is gathered and analyzed in real-time, empowering quick decision-making and preventative action.
  • Versatility: The system adapts to various applications across diverse industries, from civil engineering to energy exploration.
  • Durability: Fiber optic sensors are immune to electromagnetic interference and radiation, making them ideal for harsh environments.

The RTS125+ DFOS system benefits a wide range of industries, including:

    • Civil engineering: Bridges, dams, buildings, and other critical infrastructure can be monitored for cracks, deformations, and fatigue, preventing catastrophic failures.
    • Aerospace engineering: Aircraft components can be tracked for stress, vibration, and temperature changes, optimizing design and minimizing engine failures.
    • Energy industry: Pipelines can be monitored for leaks, corrosion, and pressure fluctuations, safeguarding energy flow and protecting the environment.
    • Other applications: Cultural heritage sites, offshore oil rigs, subsea pipelines and more can benefit from the system’s versatility and precise data capabilities.

The RTS125+ Optical Fiber Sensing System transmits light pulses through an optical fiber. Changes in the structure of the fiber caused by strain, temperature, or other factors affect the return signal. The system analyzes these changes and translates them into accurate measurements of strain or temperature.

The system is designed for user-friendliness and ease of installation. Trained professionals can quickly set up and calibrate the system, and its intuitive interface makes data analysis and visualization accessible to users of all skill levels.

The RTS125+ can be integrated with various existing data acquisition and management systems, making it compatible with your existing measurement instruments.

The initial cost of the system depends on the specific configuration and application requirements. However, the long-term benefits of increased safety, optimized performance, and reduced downtime often outweigh the initial investment.

You can visit our Contact page, or contact us directly to learn more about the RTS125+ Optical Fiber Sensing System’s capabilities and features.

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Sensuron’s RTS125+ interrogator equips you with the tools to anticipate challenges, optimize performance, and secure your critical assets.

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