Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation by Ensyso and Sensuron

Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation by Ensyso and Sensuron

In close collaboration with NASA, Sensuron developed compact fiber optic sensing systems that can provide continuous strain measurements. One major challenge facing the development of prominent nondestructive testing and evaluation (NDE) tools has been a lack of fine spatial resolution from sensors.

Sensuron’s advanced fiber optic sensing platforms resolve this issue with spatial resolution down to 6.3mm.

Ensyso developed a set of rational procedures that can lead to reliable relationships between damage indices and measurable response parameters. The procedures are based on fundamental mechanics and, therefore, are applicable to arbitrary structures.

Ensyso’s (NDE) expertise combined with Sensuron’s advanced FOS technology offers a fully automated continuous structural health monitoring tool where local damage detection is possible through the use of global vibration information.

By bringing Ensyso’s and Sensuron’s technologies together, a complete nondestructive testing and evaluation system is developed, which could serve as the most prominent NDE algorithm that exists in the market.

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