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Compact Fiber Optic Sensing


Sensuron enables engineers to collect and analyze material and structural data based on minute changes in tens of thousands of points of light.  Measured in real-time along the entire length of the fiber, Sensuron’s technology ensures precise measurement and optimal performance.


Summit brings the next generation of sensing technology to the fingertips of today’s engineers.  With 8,000+ continuously inscribed sensors, Summit is the only fiber optic sensing system that provides fully distributed sensing and multi-sensing capabilities. Summit empowers engineers across industries to gather the data they need, not just the data they can get.

Summit Facts

  • Adjustable

    The lead length is fully adjustable so users can place the sensor exactly where it needs to be.

  • Multi-Sensing

    Replace multiple sensing technologies in a single platform.

  • Reduces Risk

    Gain confidence in your testing data and model validation. Summit’s fully distributed sensing provides the entire picture of what’s going on rather than a handful of data points.

  • Four simultaneously monitored fibers with over 2,000 equally spaced sensors per fiber
  • Aggregate sensing length of 52 m
  • Software selectable spatial resolution down to 1.6 mm
  • Real-time, high-resolution distributed strain and temperature measurements
  • Up to 60 Hz acquisition rate
  • Structural deflection and 3D shape sensing capability
  • Immune to EMI/RFI and radiation for reliable operation in demanding environments
  • Low latency networking capability
  • Adjustable sensor standoff length



Summit can be customized to meet your project’s unique performance requirements.
Contact Sensuron and our team will discuss how your application can benefit from this technology.




    Up to 4 with
    2,000+ sensors each


    Up to 60 Hz