Ultrafine and Ruggedized Fiber Optic Sensing

RTS125+ Fiber Optic Sensing Instrument

RTS125+ Fiber Optic Sensing Instrument: Description

The fully ruggedized RTS125+ fiber optic sensing instrument was created in partnership with NASA to support the test and validation of their new vehicles. It delivers the most reliable measurements for structural testing, design optimization, structural health monitoring, thermal mapping and 2D shape sensing.

Its compact size, robust enclosure and increased efficiency make it the only viable product for environmentally demanding installations with stringent limitations on physical space and power consumption.

The RTS125+ is ready to integrate with custom applications and other equipment with Sensuron’s Network API. All communication  is accomplished over Ethernet using TCP/IP. The Networking API enables customers and other vendors to integrate custom applications and hardware to the RTS125+. This allows customers to develop their own software in their language of choice, to connect, control, and receive data from the RTS125+.

Current support and applications include:

The RTS125+ is  ready to connect with Telspan’s Netview and Pacific Instrument’s Series 6000 Signal Conditioning Data Acquisition and Control System for advanced recording and data fusion of multiple sensor types. For more information on large scale structural testing with Telspan, see their page Data Fusion For The Next Generation Structural Test Environment.



The RTS125+ hardware sensing system is about the size of a loaf of bread.


Weighing just 13 pounds, the system is ideal for use in numerous applications where weight and power consumption are key factors.


The RTS125+ processes information at rates up to 100 times per second, representing a 20-fold improvement over existing technologies.


The sensing system can derive key measurements in addition to strain and temperature, including 3D shape, deflection, pressure, strength, stiffness (bending and torsion), liquid level, and operational load.


The RTS125+ offers unprecedented levels of data intensity – each 13 m hair-like optical fiber provides up to 2,000 data points with adjustable spatial resolutions.

RTS125+ Fiber Optic Sensing: Features

  • Ruggedized
  • Eight simultaneously monitored fibers with over 2,000 equally spaced sensors per fiber
  • Aggregate sensing length of 104 m
  • Software selectable spatial resolution as low as 1.6 mm (with custom order option; highest stock resolution is 6.3 mm)
  • Real-time, high-resolution distributed strain and temperature measurements
  • Up to 100 Hz acquisition rate
  • Structural deflection and thermal mapping capability
  • Immune to EMI/RFI and radiation
  • Reliable operation in demanding environments
RTS125+ Fiber Optic Sensing Instrument
Sensuron RTS125+ Fiber Optic Sensing System

RTS125+ Optical Fiber Sensor: Applications


RTS125+ in civil applications – Conduct precise structural health monitoring and design validation with Sensuron’s Summit system.

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RTS125+ in aerospace applications – From structural health monitoring to improving flight operations.

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RTS125+ in energy applications – Monitor turbine blade and nuclear plant tool shape, as well as the integrity of rigs and subsea risers.

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RTS125+ Optical Fiber Sensing: Customization

The RTS125+ can be customized to meet your project’s unique performance requirements.

Contact Sensuron and our team will discuss how your application can benefit from this technology.

RTS125+ Optical Fiber Sensing Customization
RTS125+ Optical Fiber Sensing Customization
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