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Real-Time Fiber Optic Sensing


Sensuron enables engineers to collect and analyze material and structural data based on minute changes in tens of thousands of points of light. Measured in real-time, Sensuron’s technology ensures precise measurement and optimal performance.


The fully ruggedized RTS125+ compact fiber optic sensing system, created in partnership with NASA, delivers reliable measurements in today’s most demanding environments. Distributed sensing capabilities make it possible to measure different parameters using a single system. This simplifies the collection and monitoring of diverse measurements. Its compact size, robust enclosure and increased efficiency make it an appealing choice for demanding installations with stringent limitations on physical space and power consumption. By combining data from multiple fibers, the technology can provide 3D visualization of shape and strain.


  • Smaller

    The RTS125+ hardware sensing system is about the size of a loaf of bread.

  • Lighter

    Weighing just 13 pounds, the system is ideal for use in numerous applications where weight and power consumption are key factors.

  • Faster

    The RTS125+ processes information at rates up to 100 times per second, representing a 20-fold improvement over existing technologies.

  • Smarter

    The sensing system can derive key measurements in addition to strain and temperature, including 3D shape, deflection, pressure, strength, stiffness (bending and torsion), liquid level, magnetic field measurements and operational load.

  • Better

    The RTS125+ offers unprecedented levels of data intensity – each 13 m hair-like optical fiber provides up to 2,000 data points with adjustable spatial resolution.

  • 8 simultaneously monitored fiber optic sensing channels
  • 2048 equally-spaced sensors per fiber
  • Spatial resolution as low as >6.4 mm
  • Real-time strain and temperature measurements through fiber Bragg gratings
  • Up to 100Hz refresh rate
  • 3D Shape Sensing
  • Resistance to electromagnetic/radio frequency interference & radiation for reliable operation in demanding environments
  • Networking capability via Ethernet
  • Customization



The RTS125+ can be customized to meet your project’s unique performance requirements.
Contact Sensuron and our team will show you how your application can benefit from this technology.




    8 fibers with
    2,000+ sensors each


    Up to
    100 Hz