Static Strain affordable distributed Fiber Optic Sensing

New Affordable Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Platform Now Available

Distributed fiber optic sensing has traditionally been a steep entry price technology to get behind. It has been a common issue for many years that has led many engineers to look for other alternatives when they see the price tag. This has adversely affected the technology’s penetration in the marketplace.

Fortunately, Sensuron is pleased to announce the release of Static Strain, our low-cost distributed strain sensing platform capable of monitoring strain across thousands of sensing points simultaneously by using a single fiber optic cable.

The system replaces single-point solutions such as strain gauges and enables users to measure spatially continuous and finite element-like strain distributions.

Provided with a clear picture of deformation, load paths, gradients, and stress concentrations, engineers gain far more insight into the performance of their structures, components, and materials.

Additionally, customers who replace single-point sensing solutions with a true distributed sensing platform enjoy significantly reduced installation time as well as labor cost savings.

Static Strain excels in structural health monitoring applications where the ability to continuously observe, assess, and address how a structure or an object reacts under load means the difference between catastrophic failure and safe operation.

The technology is especially of interest for the monitoring of critical assets in Civil Engineering, such as bridges, and is becoming a key tool in nondestructive testing. With a price point of $16,495 Static Strain has the potential to revolutionize how engineers test, monitor, and ensure the safety and reliability of their structures.

Static Strain offers reduced installation effort compared to traditional strain gauges, increased sensor density, excellent fatigue life, insensitivity to EMI, minimal measurement drift, corrosion resistance, minimal lead cabling, and is available at a much lower price than any other product delivering the same performance!

More information about Static Strain can be found on the product page.

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