XGTR FBG Interrogator Designed for Aerospace

XGTR (XGATOR) FBG Interrogator

XGTR FBG Interrogator: Description

XGTR FBG Interrogator – Standalone multichannel fiber sensing for aerospace becomes reality.

The XGTR demonstrates great versatility, providing fast channel multiplexing, high resolution sensing, high sampling speeds per channel, wireless data transfer, and integrated miniature single board computer for on-board data storage and processing.

The XGTR supports great application versatility in many industries. Through its programmable ability, the XGTR is useful for multiparameter sensing applications.


  • 8 Optical Channels
  • Up to 8 FBG sensors per channel
  • Channel Type: Sequential or Continuous
  • Up to 19.23kHz sampling speed
  • 1516 – 1583nm wavelength range
  • Wavelength Output Resolution: <1 pm/bit, ~0.275 pm/bit typical
  • Wavelength Repeatability: <5 pm nominal
  • Wavelength Precision: <2 pm (over 1000 samples at 19.23 kHz)
  • Power Consumption: <15 W (~7.5 W at 25 ºC)
  • Minimum Sensor Wavelength Spacing: 5.1 nm
  • Dimensions: 122.2 x 100 x 68.1 mm (base system)
  • Weight: 490 gr (base system)
  • Power input (DC): 9 VDC – 36 VDC
  • Power adapter input (AC): 80 VAC – 264 VAC (47Hz – 63Hz)
  • Modules (optional): Wi-Fi / GPS
XGTR (XGATOR) FBG Interrogator
XGTR FBG Interrogator System


XGTR FBG Interrogator benefits are:

  • Suitable for mobile applications in harsh environments
  • iNET-X interface for common flight test instrumentation
  • Small size, low weight, and low power consumption
  • Programmable data processing and storage
  • Easily mountable through rugged side flanges
  • Compliant to the PhotonFirst modular technology platform
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