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Strain Sense

Low Cost Distributed Sensing Platform


The Horizon Strain Sense is a low cost one-channel fiber optic sensing instrument for quasi-continuous strain monitoring. With over a 2,000 sensing points on one fiber, users are able to achieve spatially continuous real-time strain monitoring. The system replaces single-point strain sensing solutions such as strain gauges, to monitor multiple areas simultaneously, identifying strain fluctuation points quickly and accurately. Customers who replace single-point sensing solutions with a true distributed sensing platform enjoy significantly reduced installation time as well as labor cost savings

Strain Sense Facts

  • Adjustable

    The lead length is fully adjustable so users can place the sensor exactly where it needs to be.

  • Multi-Sensing

    Replace multiple sensing technologies in a single platform.

  • Reduces Risk

    Gain confidence in your testing data and model validation. Strain Sense’s fully distributed sensing provides the entire picture of what’s going on rather than a handful of data points.

  • Low cost

    Strain Sense offers true distributed strain sensing technology at the price level of point sensors

  • One monitored fiber with over 2,000 equally spaced sensors
  • Sensing length up to 13m
  • Software selectable spatial resolution down to 6.35 mm
  • Real-time, high-resolution distributed strain and temperature measurements
  • Acquisition time < 10s
  • Immune to EMI/RFI and radiation for reliable operation in demanding environments
  • Low latency networking capability
  • Adjustable sensor standoff length


Strain Sense can be customized to meet your project’s unique performance requirements.
Contact Sensuron and our team will discuss how your application can benefit from this technology.



  • Fiber

    One up to 13m


    Acquisition time <10s