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In Press Releases Sensuron Expands Globally with Strategic Partnership with OgMentum AUSTIN, TX, April 4, 2016--Sensuron, a global provider of compact fiber optic sensing (FOS) systems, today announced a new strategic partnership with OgMentum, a leader in global sales and channel management... Read More
In Press Releases Sensuron Releases Summit: The First Fiber Optic Sensing Platform that Consolidates Multiple Measurement Technologies Into One New cost-effective fiber optic sensing platform gives real-time access to data allowing engineers to detect design flaws earlier AUSTIN, TX, March 8, 2016 – Sensuron, a global provider of compact... Read More
In Coverage Don’t Stress Out: How to Pick the Best Tool for Strain Measurements Michael Heflin, CEO of Sensuron, explains the differences between modern strain measurement tools and for which applications they are best suited. Strain measurement is imperative during prototype design... Read More
In Coverage New Materials Push the Embedded Tech Envelope 02/29/2016 By Jeff Kerns, Technical Editor, Machine Design Research in materials science and embedded sensors have led to advances like rubber-bound metal nano blobs to increase conductivity and machines... Read More
In Coverage Fiber optic sensing: The past, present, and exciting future 02/12/2016 By Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron This article is originally appeared on EDN. Over the past 60 years, fiber optic sensing (FOS) has been used to enhance and test the integrity, efficiency,... Read More
In Coverage Using Fiber Optics for the Next Generation of Sensors 02/09/2016 By Megan Crouse, Real-Time Digital Reporter, Product Design & Development @abmdigi Fiber optic sensors can provide many more points of data than... Read More
In Coverage 1000 sensors, one line, using optical fiber 01/27/2016 By Richard Quinell, Editor, EDN Adding sensors to systems for purposes such as predictive maintenance is an application of growing interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. But if wireless... Read More
In Coverage With Fiber Comes Miles-Long and Multiplexed Sensors 12/04/2015 By Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor, Photonics Spectra. Fiber sensors can bring light into otherwise inaccessible places, and measure parameters such as vibration and strain. They can do so in a... Read More
In Coverage Interview: FOS—A Game Changer in Data Testing 09/30/2015 By Carlos Gonzalez, Technical Editor for the Design, Engineering & Sourcing Group, Machine Design. Michael Heflin, CEO of Sensuron, discusses the ways fiber-optic sensing will change... Read More
In Coverage Fiber Optic Sensing Improves Medical Measurements and More 09/23/2015 By Randy Frank, Senior Editor, Sensor Tips. Unlike strain gages, thermocouples, liquid level and other sensors that only measure critical points, distributed fiber optic sensing (FOS) can... Read More
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