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Strain Gauges vs Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing, Part 1 of 3: Introduction

Posted on by Pierrick Vulliez

Fiber Optic Sensing (FOS) systems have an intrinsic advantage over traditional Strain Gauge (SG) technology, namely they are capable of measuring strain along the sensing fiber in multiple locations. Sensuron’s FOS system developed in collaboration with NASA is capable of … Read More

Nondestructive Damage Evaluation by Ensyso and Sensuron

Posted on by Pierrick Vulliez

In close collaboration with NASA, Sensuron developed compact fiber optic sensing systems that can provide continuous strain measurements. One major challenge facing the development of prominent nondestructive damage evaluation (NDE) tools has been a lack of fine spatial resolution from … Read More

Cost Comparison – Fiber Optic Sensing versus Strain Gauges

Posted on by Pierrick Vulliez

Sensuron’s fully distributed fiber optic sensing technology enables a paradigm shift to take place in the areas of structural testing and monitoring. One frequently overlooked aspect of this shift is the potential cost savings when compared with the use of … Read More

We’re All Getting Older: Accelerated Lifecycle and Fatigue Testing

Posted on by Pierrick Vulliez

Shrinking military budgets often necessitate the use of vehicles and aircraft well beyond their service lives. For example, according to STARS and STRIPES, among the Navy’s concerns is a rapidly aging Ready Reserve Force of 46 transport ships, which each … Read More

New Affordable Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Platform Now available

Posted on by Pierrick Vulliez

Distributed fiber optic sensing has traditionally been a steep entry price technology to get behind. It has been a common issue for many years that has led many engineers to look for other alternatives when they see the price tag. … Read More