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Fiber Optics Sensing vs. Strain Gauges – Installation Effort/Complexity

Posted on by Pierrick Vulliez

Any experienced experimental stress analysis engineer would agree that the quality of a strain gauge installation greatly influences the accuracy of the measurement. Simply put, a strain gauge can only function as intended if the substrate strain is transferred to … Read More

Sensuron enables real-time structural health monitoring onboard X-56 NASA’s flexible wing aircraft

Posted on by Pierrick Vulliez

In contrast to the stiff, rigid wings found on most commercial aircraft, flexible wing technology is considered essential to next generation, fuel efficient aircraft. However, flexible wings are susceptible to “flutter,” or highly destructive aeroelastic instability. The Lockheed Martin X-56A … Read More

How Fiber Optics Sensing works – Let’s take a look under the hood

Posted on by Pierrick Vulliez

New technologies can often be intimidating to implement for a number of reasons, but one of the most common hurdles is a lack of understanding how the technology works or how it can be applied. Fiber optic sensing (FOS) is … Read More

Fiber optic sensing: The past, present, and exciting future

Posted on by Pierrick Vulliez

Over the past 60 years, fiber optic sensing (FOS) has been used to enhance and test the integrity, efficiency, safety, and durability of structures, vehicles, medical devices, and more across a multitude of industries. Advancements over the past five years … Read More

What Lies Within…How Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing Plays a Role in Complete Lifecycle Testing for Composites

Posted on by Vanessa McMillan

Composite materials are taking over the aerospace, automotive, marine, aviation, civil engineering and sports/leisure industries. And with good reason. Composites include materials which are usually stronger, lighter, or less expensive than traditional manufactured materials. They usually consist of a reinforcement … Read More