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Lucas Peace,

Distributed Measurements Unlock the Future of Design

10/18/2016, Alex Tongue, Applications Engineer, Sensuron This article originally appeared on EDN.  The next generations of materials and design will require sensing technologies that can monitor beyond the scope of point sensors such as thermocouples and strain gauges. New sensing … Read More

The Nervous System of the IoT

In the human body, the nervous system collects continuous streams of sensory data and transmits the information to the brain to be processed. It helps coordinate actions throughout the body, efficiently collecting data about the environment and simultaneously driving actions. … Read More

Sensuron Technology Demonstration

The video below demonstrates some of the capabilities of Sensuron’s fiber optic sensing platforms. For more information about specific use cases, download case studies here or email us at   Subscribe to receive updates on all things Sensuron * indicates … Read More

How Fiber Optic Sensing is Changing IoT

Last week, Sensuron CEO Michael Heflin sat down with Mike Kavis to chat about fiber optic sensing on the Enterprise Initiatives The two chatted about how fiber optic sensing is influencing business models, advancing technology and changing the game in … Read More

New Materials Push the Embedded Tech Envelope

02/29/2016 By Jeff Kerns, Technical Editor, Machine Design Research in materials science and embedded sensors have led to advances like rubber-bound metal nano blobs to increase conductivity and machines that can “feel.” Researchers have been finding new ways to embed sensors … Read More

Using Fiber Optics for the Next Generation of Sensors

02/09/2016 By Megan Crouse, Real-Time Digital Reporter, Product Design & Development @abmdigi Fiber optic sensors can provide many more points of data than conventional sensors, including deflection. Sensuron, an Austin, Texas based company which celebrates its one-year anniversary this month, talked … Read More

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