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In Coverage Sensuron enables real-time structural health monitoring onboard NASA’s X-56 UAV This article appears in Aerospace & Defense Technology Magazine. In contrast to the stiff, rigid wings found on most commercial aircraft, flexible wing technology is considered essential to next... Read More
In Coverage The Continued Symbiosis of Computer Modeling and Physical Testing   12/07/2016, Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron   This article originally appeared in Machine Design. "Do you know what the secret of life is?” Curly asks from atop his horse, cigarette... Read More
In Coverage Distributed Measurements Unlock the Future of Design 10/18/2016, Alex Tongue, Applications Engineer, Sensuron This article originally appeared on EDN.  The next generations of materials and design will require sensing technologies that can monitor beyond... Read More
In Coverage Fiber Optic Multi-Sensing Platforms Aerospace and Defense Technology, October 2016, Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron Eventually, technology advances to the point where solutions that have been “good enough” for decades are no longer... Read More
In Coverage The Nervous System of the IoT In the human body, the nervous system collects continuous streams of sensory data and transmits the information to the brain to be processed. It helps coordinate actions throughout the body, efficiently... Read More
In Coverage Five Minutes With Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron Rich Nass with Embedded Computing Design talked with our CEO, Michael Heflin about Sensuron's origins.  Listen to the recording below: For more information about fiber optic sensing applications visit... Read More
In Coverage Look Inside Fiber Optic Sensing 01/27/2016 By Alex Tongue, Optical Sensing R&D and Application Engineer, Sensuron New technologies can often be intimidating to implement for a number of reasons, but one of the most common hurdles is... Read More
In Coverage Don’t Stress Out: How to Pick the Best Tool for Strain Measurements Michael Heflin, CEO of Sensuron, explains the differences between modern strain measurement tools and for which applications they are best suited. Strain measurement is imperative during prototype design... Read More
In Coverage New Materials Push the Embedded Tech Envelope 02/29/2016 By Jeff Kerns, Technical Editor, Machine Design Research in materials science and embedded sensors have led to advances like rubber-bound metal nano blobs to increase conductivity and machines... Read More
In Coverage Fiber optic sensing: The past, present, and exciting future 02/12/2016 By Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron This article is originally appeared on EDN. Over the past 60 years, fiber optic sensing (FOS) has been used to enhance and test the integrity, efficiency,... Read More
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