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In Press Releases Sensors Magazine Names 2016 “Best of Sensors Expo” Award Winners 16 Companies Recognized for Their Industry-Leading Innovation at the 31st Annual Sensors Expo & Conference NEWTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jun 23, 2016) - Sensors Expo & Conference (#Sensors16), the... Read More
In Lighting the Path to Innovation Blog Lightweighting Design Challenges and Fiber Optic Sensing Lightweighting Design Challenges Lightweighting a vehicle is the process of developing and implementing new materials and optimizing a design to have less weight.  Ultimately, the goal of lightweighting is... Read More
In Coverage Five Minutes With Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron Rich Nass with Embedded Computing Design talked with our CEO, Michael Heflin about Sensuron's origins.  Listen to the recording below: For more information about fiber optic sensing applications visit... Read More
In Coverage Look Inside Fiber Optic Sensing 01/27/2016 By Alex Tongue, Optical Sensing R&D and Application Engineer, Sensuron New technologies can often be intimidating to implement for a number of reasons, but one of the most common hurdles is... Read More
In Lighting the Path to Innovation Blog Fiber Optic Sensing for Nondestructive Evaluation Nondestructive Damage Evaluation Benefits Nondestructive damage evaluation (NDE) is a group of analysis techniques that evaluate the properties of a material, structure, or component without causing damage.... Read More
In Lighting the Path to Innovation Blog Sensuron Technology Demonstration The video below demonstrates some of the capabilities of Sensuron's fiber optic sensing platforms. For more information about specific use cases, download case studies here or email us at... Read More
In Lighting the Path to Innovation Blog How Fiber Optic Sensing is Changing IoT Last week, Sensuron CEO Michael Heflin sat down with Mike Kavis to chat about fiber optic sensing on the Enterprise Initiatives The two chatted about how fiber optic sensing is influencing business models,... Read More
In Press Releases Sensuron Expands Globally with Strategic Partnership with OgMentum AUSTIN, TX, April 4, 2016--Sensuron, a global provider of compact fiber optic sensing (FOS) systems, today announced a new strategic partnership with OgMentum, a leader in global sales and channel management... Read More
In Lighting the Path to Innovation Blog Predictive Maintenance in the Industrial IoT Continuing our series on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today we’ll examine the topic of predictive maintenance in the IIoT and how these enhancements are boosting industry-wide efficiencies. Jeff... Read More
In Lighting the Path to Innovation Blog Introducing Summit Last week, we announced a new sensing platform: Summit. Summit is the first fiber optic sensing (FOS) platform to provide fully distributed sensing and the ability to combine multiple measurement technologies... Read More
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