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In Lighting the Path to Innovation Blog
authored by Welcome to the new Sensuron website

If you’re looking for innovation, you’ve come to the right place.

This February, Sensuron was spun out of sister company, 4DSP in order to better and more directly service our customers. Through 4DSP, many of our engineers have worked directly with NASA since 2007 to develop the next generation of fiber optic sensing technology. Over the years, our engineers have helped to produce smaller, lighter, faster systems with unrivaled speed and accuracy that help to improve the testing, designing, measuring, monitoring, and the operating of applications across industries. Case in point: in 2013, 4DSP and NASA won the distinguished R&D 100 award for our pioneering fiber optic sensing technology. This year again, Sensuron’s engineers have been recognized as a finalist in the 2015 R&D Magazine 100 awards, continuing our industry recognition as a valuable innovator. This is just the beginning.

Our technology uses light to test, measure, control, inspect, assist with operations and ensure safety of innovations across the aerospace, medical and energy industries. Our compact fiber optics sensing platforms enable engineers to collect and analyze material in real-time, ensuring precise measurement and unparalleled performance. For example, some of our customers are using Sensuron’s technology to enhance the precision of tools in minimally invasive medical procedures, while oil and gas engineers leverage the same functionality to track the exact position of tools. Others in the aerospace industry have utilized our latest innovations in liquid level analysis to read the measurements of cryogenic fuel tanks.

Sensuron is a leading global provider of fiber optic sensing systems. Our mission? Not only do we aim to solve problems on a global scale by ensuring equipment is functional, reliable and safe across industries, but we also seek to help our customers innovate and pioneer the technologies of tomorrow. Today we are excited to unveil our new look, which now matches the groundbreaking innovations we have brought to market over the past number of years. Take a look around and also be sure to check out our new Twitter and LinkedIn social channels. We designed this new site to engage more directly with you – our innovative customers who use our FOS platform. We hope to learn more about the problems you are solving today and for the future, so that we can better understand how we might be of help. For business updates, keep an eye on our news and blog pages, or reach out directly if you have any questions. We hope to speak with you soon.

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