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authored by Sensuron and NASA Honored for Fiber Optic Sensing Technology and Applications

Engineering Excellence Awards

It was a clean sweep of the 2016 Sensors Expo Engineering Excellence Awards for Sensuron’s team and their work on fiber optic sensing technology. The Engineers of the Year Award is intended to recognize engineering teams working within the sensor industry that have provided an outstanding contribution to the sensors industry through the development of sensor technology and its application to address real world problems. The Sensuron team took top prize for their development of Summit, the most advanced fiber optic sensing platform available in the market today. In addition to winning the team award, Sensuron engineer Alex Tongue took home the 2016 Rising Star Award for his contributions to advancing the sensor industry as well as his achievements in helping customers overcome longstanding challenges by applying fiber optic sensing. The Rising Star Award recognizes a young engineer who is active within the sensors industry and has significantly contributed to sensor technology and applications.

Summit obtains spatially continuous strain and temperature data along the entire length of an optical fiber giving engineers unprecedented insight into how their designs behave.  This level of data fidelity helps engineers better validate their structural and thermal models, ensure the safety of structures through real time monitoring, and advance the development of new composite components by embedding the sensors in the material. Using the strain and temperature data, Summit can also measure internal and applied load, deflection, liquid level, 3D shape and more.  Additionally, Summit can simultaneously monitor all of these parameters allowing organizations to consolidate their testing equipment into a single robust platform.

For additional information about how the technology works, download our Introduction to Fiber Optic Sensing.

Best of Sensors Expo 2016

In addition to the Sensuron team awards, NASA Armstrong was given the top prize in the Best of Sensors Expo 2016 Application Award for real time monitoring using the RTS125, a rugged fiber optic sensing system developed in conjunction with Sensuron. NASA Armstrong has extensively applied the technology in the aerospace industry for strain sensing and structural health monitoring. The team at NASA Armstrong has done significant work on monitoring the liquid level of cryogenic fuel in order to better understand how cryogenic fluids transition from liquid to gas.  Having this information allows engineers to validate and inform their models so that launch vehicles can use fuel more efficiently while maximizing payload. Download the case study below to learn more about how NASA uses the technology to monitor strain and deflection in real time during flight.

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