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In Lighting the Path to Innovation Blog
authored by Introducing Summit

Last week, we announced a new sensing platform: Summit. Summit is the first fiber optic sensing (FOS) platform to provide fully distributed sensing and the ability to combine multiple measurement technologies into a single platform. With this new system, we are providing engineers access to comprehensive, real-time data – better equipping them to detect design flaws earlier, prevent costly failures, and save resources while increasing efficiency.

Summit is the base platform in our new upgrade model that we designed to allow customers to purchase additional capabilities – like increased speed and sensing lengths, or deflection and 3D shape sensing capabilities – at a fraction of the cost of a new system. Other FOS suppliers require an entirely new system for projects requiring different sensing abilities, but Summit’s adaptability makes it an efficient and cost-effective solution that’s ideal for a company with multiple, or rapidly evolving projects.

In addition to providing fully-distributed sensing and multiple measurement technologies in a cost-effective platform, Summit also boasts a sensing length that’s more than 2.6 times that of comparable alternatives – and an adjustable starting point that gives engineers the ability to start the sensor exactly where it’s needed. Summit, when used in a first-to-market application, enhances model validation by offering engineers a comprehensive look at the health of an application.

With our Summit system, engineers have the ability to replace dozens of sensing technologies, like strain gauges and thermocouples, in a single platform, allowing for a plethora of application potentials – even beyond the use the platform was purchased for.  If they decide they need more data? No problem, a simple remote upgrade is all that’s required. No need to purchase a whole new system.

Summit is now available for purchase through our website. The system is just another step towards our mission of providing engineers with the most sophisticated sensing platforms on the market, and giving them access to the information they require to advance innovation. To learn more about the work we’re doing to solve global problems through light-based technology, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for industry and company updates. To learn more abut the Summit system visit

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