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authored by How Fiber Optic Sensing is Changing IoT

Last week, Sensuron CEO Michael Heflin sat down with Mike Kavis to chat about fiber optic sensing on the Enterprise Initiatives The two chatted about how fiber optic sensing is influencing business models, advancing technology and changing the game in the Internet of Things (IoT).

During the discussion, Michael notes “If software is the brain of the IoT, sensors are the nervous system.” He goes on to discuss that as big data continues to mature, companies are increasingly moving towards small data – or data directly from sensors, which monitors conditions in real-time. Big data is the analysis of this small data. As Michael points out, as an industry matures, the evolution is almost always operational. There is a pull of data down to a usable state for the people involved in the manufacturing, maintenance and operation of a technology. Improved sensor technology will improve this type of small data, which will in turn improve big data and accelerate the rate at which innovation is able to occur.

To listen to Michael’s additional thoughts on how the sensors space is revolutionizing the IoT, as well as hear his predictions for how the industry will evolve in the future, visit the Cloud Technology Partners website or listen below. For more insights on fiber optic sensing be sure to check out our blog frequently, and follow us on Twitter.

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