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authored by Fiber Optic Sensing Technology in Review

This year, the Sensuron team dug deep into fiber optic sensing technology and shared our findings on our blog. We explored many facets of fiber optic sensing (FOS), from fatigue testing to 3D sensing to scattering techniques, and covered a wide variety of topics in the energy, aerospace and medical fields. In case you missed some, here’s a short list of our top blog posts for the year.

3D sensing has been one of the most exciting developments in FOS technology in recent times. In our first blog, Sensuron engineer Alex Tongue highlighted the numerous benefits of this technology and the resulting developments in the medical field. 3D sensing has helped to improve the use of endoscopes, catheters and improve techniques for non-invasive surgeries.

Learn more here: Next Generation Problem Solving: 3D Sensing

Ever wonder how NASA does what they do? For a number of years, Sensuron’s FOS platform has been instrumental to NASA’s flight validation, ground testing, flight testing and wing load testing methods. In fact, our engineers have been nominated for a second R&D 100 Award for our work together.

Read more: Customer Spotlight: How NASA is Partnering with Sensuron to Innovate

It’s quite astonishing (and maybe a little scary) to think that very few changes have been made to airplane wings since the first plane took off over 100 years ago. The Adaptive Compliant Trailing Edge (ACTE) aims to revolutionize the wing as we know it, morphing in shape to adjust during flight and remaining one monolithic entity. This new method will cut noise and energy usage significantly, particularly during take off and landing. Take a look at this recent innovation here: The Future of Aircraft Design: Adaptive Compliant Trailing Edge

Looking to geek out over sensing technology? We’ve got just the blog for you. Check out Intrinsic Fiber Optic Sensors: Types of Interferometers for a deep dive into different sensing technologies, their merits and use cases and discover which sensing technology is the right one for your application.

The Resistive Strain Gage (RGS) has been the sensing standard for over 60 years. Read Measuring the Difference: The Resistive Strain Gage vs Fiber Optic Sensing to see how FOS technology stacks up against the industry standard and how it can improve existing applications.

Sensuron is a leading global provider of fiber optic sensing systems that use light to test, measure, control, inspect, assist with operation and ensure safety of innovations across aerospace, medical and energy industries.

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