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Fiber Optic Sensing Improves Medical Measurements and More

09/23/2015 By Randy Frank, Senior Editor, Sensor Tips.

sensortipsUnlike strain gages, thermocouples, liquid level and other sensors that only measure critical points, distributed fiber optic sensing (FOS) can provide a profile between the critical points. Sensuron’s FOS systems take advantage of this capability in 200 µm diameter, 3-dimensional positioning, pressure and temperature sensors.

In a surgical instrument, a thin, flexible, high-density fiber optic sensor provides information continuously along its entire length without the use of X-rays or ultrasound. The enhanced precision allows reduced surgery times and minimizes the amount of imaging agents. A real-time plot and visual display of the 3D location measurements provides surgeons with an accurate and instant view of an instrument’s position.

Based on the use of optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) instead of the more common wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) as the demodulation technique for obtaining and using the data provided by the fiber, Sensuron is able to maintain high refresh rates even as the number of sensors increases. With this capability, the company offers customizable solutions to address specific customer requirements in medical and other applications.

For more information about Sensuron fiber optic sensing systems, click here.

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