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The energy industry is changing. Oil and gas resources are becoming increasingly difficult to access, while renewable technologies grow evermore critical to new energy solutions. Companies are continuously searching for new and innovative ways to optimize production.

Sensuron’s optical sensing platform provides engineers with accurate, comprehensive views of strain fields, 3D shape, liquid level, temperature distributions, and more. Sensuron’s technology embeds thousands of continuously distributed sensors along EMI-immune and chemically inert glass fibers. This unique ability ensures maximum coverage in even the most harsh and demanding environments.

Sensuron’s groundbreaking technology gives engineers an extra edge in their efforts to keep people safe, optimize production, and reduce costs.

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  • Electromagnetic Immunity

    Immune to electromagnetic interference.

  • Environmental Integrity

    Operates in harsh environments: -200 to 200°C, chemically inert.

  • More Data

    Distributed profiles rather than points of information for a more comprehensive picture.

  • Real Time

    Accurate, real-time strain, stress, loads, pressure, liquid level, shape, and temperature in real time.

  • Simplicity

    Bypasses cumbersome, heavy, and large wiring harnesses required by other sensors.

  • Maximize integrity of risers and rigs
  • Provide control system feedback for wind turbine blades based on deflection and rotation
  • Monitor the structural integrity of wind turbine blades
  • Sense nuclear power plant component structural health and alignment
Sensuron Advantages
  • Significantly more sensors (16,000+ on RTS125)
  • Simultaneous interrogation of multiple fibers
  • 3D shape sensing
  • 2D deflection
  • Liquid level
  • Dynamic events


  • Wind turbine blade structural health monitoring

    Blade deflection and load monitoring.

  • Rig platform structural integrity monitoring

    Stress and strain monitoring and detection.

  • Tank structural integrity

    Monitor pressure vessels in real time.

Additional Applications

  • Shape sensing

  • Well casing sensors

  • Pressure vessel monitoring

  • Generator temperature distribution