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Civil Engineering & Mining

An aging infrastructure and rapidly growing technical advances have inspired new trends in civil engineering, such as mixed reality, UAV data analysis, and a bigger push for 3-D models. Regardless of these trends, functionality and safety are still the primary drivers of sound construction, and mounting pressure continues to rest on civil, structural, and mechanical engineers to focus on design excellence.

From static testing of small components to fatigue testing of full-scale structures, Sensuron’s distributed sensing technology has transformed and evolved the methods used to conduct design validation and ongoing structural testing. Using Sensuron’s distributed strain sensing technology, a single optical fiber provides an unprecedented level of insight into the behavior of a structure, enabling engineers to perform comprehensive model validation at thousands of discrete points. This one-of-a-kind technology shows engineers precisely what happens over a continuous sensing length, and allows them to acquire high-resolution and highly granular data in real time. The result is extremely accurate FEM validation as well as dependable ongoing structural health monitoring.

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