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As the automotive industry makes the transition from steel to composites and other advanced lightweight materials, engineers are facing new design challenges.  Sensuron’s distributed sensing platforms can help remove uncertainty from designing with new materials.

By obtaining spatially continuous data along the entire length of an optical fiber, Sensuron’s technology provides engineers with accurate, comprehensive views of strain fields, 3D shape, liquid level, temperature distributions, and more. All of these parameters can measured simultaneously and in real time. This unique ability ensures maximum coverage of an application and the flexibility to resolve challenges across automotive organizations.

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  • Multi-Sensing

    Sensuron’s platforms offer multi-sensing capabilities, meaning they can simultaneously sense multiple parameters.

  • Robust Platform

    Multi-sensing abilities, fully distributed data and access to real time information enables users to replace multiple disparate sensing technologies with a single platform.

  • Fully Distributed Data

    Sensuron’s platforms provide spatially continuous information giving customers a full picture of how their application is behaving.

  • Better Data

    Ten times more data than existing sensing technologies provides customers with the information they need to innovate and control processes.

  • Dynamic Environments

    Sensuron’s systems operate in dynamic environments enabling customers to perform the tests they need without using multiple technology platforms.

  • Having access to better data empowers engineers to detect design flaws earlier in product development, preventing costly failures after a product is launched. This ensures resources can be intelligently invested in projects that will be successful.
  • Legacy sensing technologies require a significant amount of time and expertise to install. Sensuron’s technology can be installed in less than one third of the time.
  • Standard data collection platform so dynamic and static tests can be conducted in a variety of environments.
  • Improve organizational efficiency be replacing multiple sensing technologies with a single Sensuron platform.
Sensuron Advantages
  • Multi-sensing
  • Dynamic testing
  • 26-104m of sensing length
  • Rugged platform


  • Monitor body panels

    Simultaneously monitor deformation, temperature, strain fields and more.

  • Static or dynamic testing

    Test components to check for fatigue over time

  • Chassis characterization

    Characterize composite and metal chassis in static or dynamic environments

  • Model validation

    Optimize design and safety components and assemblies through model validation.

  • Measure temperature distributions

    Exhaust system, engine room, radiator, break pads and more.

Additional Applications

  • Characterize materials

  • Composite embedment

  • Rigidity testing

  • Seat deflection monitoring