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Stress and strain are the parameters that determine the longevity and operational safety of any flight-bound vehicle. With thousands of sensors contained in a single hair-thin fiber providing these measurements, Sensuron’s fiber optic solutions provide a detailed picture of the health of an aircraft.

Sensuron enables engineers to test, monitor and analyze the integrity of structures and capture aircraft component positioning feedback through the continuous monitoring of strain, temperature, stress, loads, out-of-plane deflections, and three-dimensional shapes. Armed with this data, engineers can create innovations that transform industries, improve safety, prolong the life cycle, reduce maintenance, and enhance in-flight efficiency of aircrafts – all resulting in reduced costs.

By providing a comprehensive picture of an aircraft’s health and performance, Sensuron’s technology ensures continuous innovation as well as the safe transportation of people and equipment around the world and into space.

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  • Physical Changes

    Test, monitor and analyze the integrity of aircraft components against physical factors such as vibration, shock and extreme temperature.

  • Operate

    Provide in flight information on actual flap and landing gear position.

  • Lifecycle Updates

    Monitor the lifecycle and stability of critical components and substructures.

  • Long term Changes

    Determine exactly how loads redistribute as an aircraft ages or becomes damaged.

  • Safety

    Enhance safety margins for mission success.

  • Minimize aircraft downtime and fine-tune maintenance schedules
  • Improve fuel consumption through intrinsically safe fuel level measurement
  • Monitor the shape of the wing and other deformed components
  • Determine when an aircraft is reaching end-of-life
  • Understand the response of a complex airframes to flight conditions
  • Provide in-flight feedback to control systems
Sensuron Advantages
  • 2D deflection
  • 100 Hz refresh rate
  • 3D shape sensing
  • Simultaneous interrogation of all channels
  • Significantly more sensors
  • Lightweight
  • Ruggedized
  • Spatial resolution
  • Embeddable


  • Structural health monitoring

    Unparalleled measurement capabilities and reliable assessment method of structural integrity.

  • Composite embedment

    Ensure composite manufacturing quality.

  • Cryogenic tank monitoring

    Fully operational in extreme temperatures for fuel volume detection.

  • Flight control systems

    Real-time monitoring and feedback.

  • Design verification

    Expansive coverage for subcomponent through full-scale tests.

Additional Applications

  • Conforming wings

  • Landing gear

  • Design validation

  • Quality assurance

  • Load monitoring

  • Flight testing

  • Ice detection

  • Magnetic field