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Working with Sensuron FAQ

What tools are needed in addition to the compact fiber sensing system?

Sensuron will provide the fiber and any specialty sensors your application may require. See “what installation materials are required?” Q&A for information about tools needed to install our system with your application.

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How long does the technology hold up in demanding environments?

A well-done installation should last as long as it is needed. For example, NASA has aircraft with installations from eight years ago that have survived many hours of flight, technician abuse, as well as sitting out on the hot Edwards Air … Read More

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What services do you offer?

The Sensuron engineering services team is comprised of experienced application and design engineers whose mission is to ensure customers’ satisfaction and success. We provide technical services for customers or prospective customers interested in advanced onsite training, product integration, feasibility studies, … Read More

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How do I know what technical specifications I need?

At Sensuron, we recognize that your project may require custom packaging and tools to meet your size, weight and performance requirements. We will work with your team to ensure that your application can benefit from our compact FOS solutions. Please … Read More

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