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Technology FAQ

How much can it bend?

Sensuron’s compact FOS systems have an operational bend radius of 1 inch and a breaking point of 2-3mm. By bending and routing the fiber along different material directions, the strain in many directions can be measured.

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How does it adhere?

Sensuron’s compact FOS systems adhere using the same materials as traditional foil strain gage applications – typically a cyanoacrylate based glue or a two-part epoxy for more critical and long-term installations. The substrate material is prepped by thoroughly cleaning the … Read More

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Can you protect it?

Yes, Sensuron’s fibers can be protected by a variety of sealants and tapes. To learn more contact a Sensuron services engineer.

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What other materials are required?

For installation, recommended materials include lint free wipes, non-residue-leaving tapes (such as flash breaker tape), rulers, protractors, and any other helpful route-marking tools.

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