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Fiber Sensing FAQ

How is it different from other FOS technologies?

There are many differences between our platforms and other FOS technologies; however, our technology is industry leading when considering the combination of spatial resolution, refresh rate, and sensing length. For more details, please visit our page on fiber sensing basics. … Read More

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What do Sensuron’s FOS systems do?

Our technology makes the task of measuring multiple sensing points over large intricate surfaces easier by combining thousands of sensors on a single fiber. Beyond aerospace, medical and energy applications, Sensuron’s compact FOS technology has the ability to: Increase public … Read More

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How does FOS work?

Sensuron’s FOS technology uses 200-micron diameter glass fibers that have been continuously inscribed with Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG). FBGs are the unique optical sensing element that turns ordinary telecom grade optical fiber into a powerful and robust sensing tool. These … Read More

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