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In Technology FAQ
What is it used for?
Sensuron’s compact FOS systems have a diverse array of applications. The technology can be used to test, monitor and control:

  • Strain fields – By monitoring changes in strain fields in materials, Sensuron’s fiber sensing technology can help engineers evaluate durability and safety in structural health monitoring, validate finite element models, and verify structural designs.
  • Temperature profiles – By streaming light through an optical fiber and observing the reflections, Sensuron’s technology can monitor minute changes in the temperature profile along the optical fiber. This provides an accurate picture of the integrity of materials in applications from oil wells to airplanes.
  • 2d Deflection – Sensuron’s fiber sensing systems are able to determine the deflection of aircraft wings and other structures.
  • 3d Shape – Sensuron’s shape sensing technology provides information readings along the entire length of the fiber. Immune to EMI and RFI, Sensuron’s solutions can be used in minimally invasive procedures to guide instruments like catheters and needles with precision in real-time.
  • Distributed load – By monitoring the strain and stress characteristics of a distributed load throughout composite materials, Sensuron’s fiber sensing solutions can accurately reflect the integrity and health of a structure.
  • Liquid level – Sensuron’s systems are capable of monitoring liquid level in cryogenic tanks which enables advancements in spaceflight and other applications.

For additional applications, of our technology, please visit the aerospace, medical, or energy pages of our site.