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In Fiber Sensing FAQ
What do Sensuron’s FOS systems do?

Our technology makes the task of measuring multiple sensing points over large intricate surfaces easier by combining thousands of sensors on a single fiber. Beyond aerospace, medical and energy applications, Sensuron’s compact FOS technology has the ability to:

  • Increase public safety: Sensuron’s technology monitors the structural health of aircrafts, buildings, nuclear equipment, dams, automobiles, trains, etc.
  • Save resources: Sensuron’s compact FOS solutions lead to improved efficiency of wind turbines
  • Detect structural instabilities: Sensuron’s RTS125 and RTS150 systems monitor components and structures within tunnels, chemicals, or nuclear power plants
  • Enhance sensitivities: Sensuron’s technology improves the precision of medical instruments and industrial tools
  • Improve accuracy: Sensuron’s compact FOS systems precisely measure liquid levels in vats of chemicals, cryogenic liquids, fuel, water, oil, etc.