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Michael Heflin, CEO

Michael has been leading companies and inspiring teams for over 20 years. Specializing in identifying, growing, and increasing value in emerging technology markets, he has held executive roles at companies like Vantive, ADP, Fracta, Convergys, and Whisperwire. Before joining Sensuron, Michael guided four companies to lead their industry in sales, including two publically traded companies with valuations worth $2 billion. He has experience navigating domestic and international companies through successful acquisitions. Passionate about forming and counseling value-driven teams, he has a history of successfully guiding and inspiring teams worldwide. With an organizational focus on customer success and building results-oriented teams, Michael has also served in various capacities on passion projects at RightNow Ministries, LifeAustin and Kimbia. He is a proud Baylor graduate and lives in Austin with his wife, Joanna.

Fiber Optic Multi-Sensing Platforms

Aerospace and Defense Technology, October 2016, Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron Eventually, technology advances to the point where solutions that have been “good enough” for decades are no longer “good enough” for the innovations of today. The philosophy of “good enough” is … Read More

Five Minutes With Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron

Rich Nass with Embedded Computing Design talked with our CEO, Michael Heflin about Sensuron’s origins.  Listen to the recording below: For more information about fiber optic sensing applications visit our case studies page.   Subscribe to receive updates on all … Read More

Predictive Maintenance in the Industrial IoT

Continuing our series on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today we’ll examine the topic of predictive maintenance in the IIoT and how these enhancements are boosting industry-wide efficiencies. Jeff O’Brien with Reliable Plant sets the scene accurately by saying: … Read More

Introducing Summit

Last week, we announced a new sensing platform: Summit. Summit is the first fiber optic sensing (FOS) platform to provide fully distributed sensing and the ability to combine multiple measurement technologies into a single platform. With this new system, we … Read More

Seven Star Wars Technologies That Exist Today

Many people would assume that none of the wild gadgets dreamed up by George Lucas and the gang would exist in real life, but we’ve taken a closer look. Check out the full list of technologies we discovered over at EDN.

A Look Back at 2015

It is no question that 2015 was a big year for Sensuron. As we approach the holiday season and upcoming New Year, we’d like to take a minute to reflect on the past year and appreciate key moments from 2015. … Read More

Welcome to the new Sensuron website

If you’re looking for innovation, you’ve come to the right place. This February, Sensuron was spun out of sister company, 4DSP in order to better and more directly service our customers. Through 4DSP, many of our engineers have worked directly … Read More

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