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Structural Health Monitoring

As the nation’s infrastructure ages and air, land, and space vehicles grow ever more complex, the need for accurate and reliable structural health monitoring is imperative to ensure optimal performance and safety. Utilizing Sensuron’s groundbreaking distributed sensing technology, engineers can perform continuous real-time monitoring of critical structures. Mechanical strain, stress, loads, temperature, and deflection are just a few of the various engineering parameters that can be monitored. Using Sensuron technology, a hair-like optical fiber can be transformed into thousands of fiber optic strain gauges – with only a single instrumentation cable required. Multiple fibers can be deployed across a structure to create an effectively weightless network of sensors, capable of continuously monitoring structural health at several thousand locations – thus protecting critical assets. Ideal SHM applications include:

  • Crack Detection
  • Wing/Blade Deflection Monitoring
  • Deformation Monitoring in Civil Infrastructure
  • Flight Loads Monitoring
  • Composite Embedment
  • Cryogenic Liquid-Level Monitoring