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3D Shape Sensing

3D Shape Sensing technology has been spun out and is now available from The Shape Sensing Company.

3D shape sensing technology tracks position and shape in a spatially continuous manner, providing high-resolution information about the location of the entire length of an optical fiber. Data is generated and plotted in real-time and displayed visually on a monitor to show the continuous position of the sensor. This improved positional awareness can help with real-time guidance of almost any tool. In addition, optical shape sensors are virtually weightless, minimally invasive, and can be embedded or attached to almost any structure to monitor 3D shape, independent of temperature or load from the environment. Ideal applications include:

  • Medical catheter
  • Inspection tool shape/position feedback, digital twin
  • Biomechanical movement measurement
  • Structural displacement monitoring
  • Umbilical for remotely operated vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Mining, boring, and drilling positioning
  • Shape and position of machinery arms
  • No-line-of-sight manual inspections
  • Positional feedback for morphing structures
  • Soil settling
  • Human body positioning