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Sensuron enables engineers to collect and analyze material and structural data based on minute changes in tens of thousands of points of light. Measured in real-time, Sensuron’s technology ensures precise measurement and optimal performance. Our range of fiber optic sensing platforms fit a variety of applications across industries. Along with obtaining spatially continuous measurements along the entire length of a fiber, each platform has multi-sensing capabilities: they can simultaneously measure strain, temperature, deflection, 2D shape, and more. In addition to sensing platforms, Sensuron offers a range of accessories to complement your fiber optic sensing needs.

Distributed Strain and Temperature Measurement Solutions​


  • Cleaning Kit

    Cleaning Kit


    The cleaning kit contains everything you need to properly clean connectors and prepare fiber for splicing. This kit contains:


    • Ferrule cleaner
    • Cleaning Cassette
    • Lint-free wipes
    • Isopropyl Alcohol 4 oz
    • 200X Fiber microscope


    Please contact us for price and availability.


    Watch a video of how to clean fiber connectors to ensure optimal performance:

  • Fiber




    Sensuron offers all the fiber you need for your application.


    • 195 µm ORMOCER coated (strain sensing)
    • 195 µm ORMOCER-T coated (temperature sensing)
    • 120 µm ORMOCER coated (strain sensing)
    • 120 µm ORMOCER-T coated (temperature sensing)
    • 0.5 mm GFRP coated (strain sensing)
    • 1.0 mm GFRP coated (strain sensing)

    Please contact us for price and availability.

  • Splicing Kit

    Splicing Kit


    splicing kit

    The splicing kit contains the tools needed for fiber splicing:


    • Fusion Splicer
    • 3-Hole Fiber Stripper
    • High Precision Fiber Cleaver
    • Fiber Holder 250um and 900 um
    • V-Groove cleaning brush
    • Electrode sharpener
    • Fiber preparation fluid
    • Fiber wipes
    • Fusion protection sleeves
    • Fiber patch cables
    • Scissors
    • Tweezers
    • Safety container
    • Heatshrink

    Please contact us for price and availability.


    Watch a video of how to splice a fiber:

  • Application Kit

    Application Kit


    The application kit contains accessories required for a successful fiber installation:


    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Abrasive paper
    • M Bond 200 CA glue
    • Flash breaker tape
    • M Bond AE 10 2-part epoxy
    • Lint free wipes
    • Scale for epoxy

    Please contact us for price and availability.


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